Thursday, January 3, 2013

Post 5: The notebook.

January 3. The envelope contained a notebook, a student ID card, and a cell phone. The phone has no numbers in it and no recent history. A note came with it saying, "If you see anything important, show me," followed by a number. It's the only number the phone will allow me to connect to.

The ID has had all relevant information blacked out. All I can tell is that it is from a university.

The notebook is odd, to say the least. It is filled with pages of the symbol I posted on a previous post. There are a few notes in between ranging from journal-like entries to psychotic ramblings.

He talks about memory loss and hallucinations. He also mentions some kind of sickness.

Of note, whoever wrote it talks about the Rake, but mentions that there is more than one. He also said that there is something else that it answers to. He says that the Rakes acts as HIS eyes.

It also talks about agents who work for HIM, but the notebook had no information on these agents except for that they are HIS spies.

There wasn't much information on their leader in the notebook, but these are the excerpts from which I managed to get some information.

I don't know who this is. This man.....or Thing.....But I know I have to keep running.

Here are some other things that may be important. Once they are up I'm going to run.

Whoever is in charge of these agents and the Rakes must be responsible for whatever happened to my sister. I fear that she may have shared the girl's fate. The writer says he managed to kill one of the Rakes, but even so, I fear there is no hope for me. The last page says "He will always hunt you."

I've started feeling sick. I don't know if it is from the stress or if it has anything to do with the sickness the writer mentioned. I think I should try to find this city. Maybe there will be answers there. The notebook mentions a church just outside the city. If I can find that church I should be able to find the city, but from what I read, I must not enter. The writer said that church calls to HIM. I'll have to try to contact the person who gave me the envelope. Maybe he'll know something.

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