Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mind of the Nightmare: Dear Reader

To anyone who stumbles across this blog, 
I am writing this on the run, so I do not know how frequently I will be able post here, but for the sake of anyone in a similar situation I will do my best to mention anything of importance as soon as possible. I fear that whatever is chasing me has no intention of ever letting me come out of this ordeal alive, but I hope that anyone who comes across my writings will be able to learn from any mistake I make along the way. I urge all of you to not try to contact me in person, for doing so may put you in more danger than you can imagine. I may change the names of the people and places I come across to keep both myself and the people I am in contact with safe.
And one thing to remember: Not believing in the things that go bump in the night is not ignorance; it is merely a safety for the mind.

--Devin Shaw

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